Sweet Surprizies Hunts


Hunt Rules
(updated February, 2014)

Applying for any SS hunt is an acknowledgment that you have read, understood, and are in agreement with the terms and conditions described in these rules.

1. It is MANDATORY that you are a member of the group to participate in the group hunts as vendor packages, sponsor packages, and other important info all go out in group notices as it is too hard to chase everyone down individually. secondlife:///app/group/a81946eb-a0d8-099a-92e2-0eeb0f5372f8/about

2. Sweet Surprizies hosts hunts for vendors and creators with stores or store rental spaces. We will not accept any clubs as these are not stores and we DO invite kids to participate in our hunts. If you are renting a space from a club mall, the landmark must land to your store ONLY.

3. Timelines are set to ensure the hunt runs smoothly and things get out sent out accordingly. Please make sure to meet all timeline dates. Applications, sponsorships, etc will NOT be accepted after the deadline (this also includes hunt hints, photos, and FULLY completed applications. If your application is not completely filled out, I reserve the right to deny you for the hunt). Once vendor/sponsor packages and hunt items are made and sent out, things cannot be changed. No Exceptions... Sorry.

4. I will NOT waste my time, or the hunters time with people who are not ready. You must meet all timelines. If 24 hours after the hunt starts your store is not ready you will be dropped from the hunt and be penalized. First offense is banned from one hunt, Second offense banned from 3 hunts, and Third offense banned indefinitely. If you have sponsored the hunt, this will also count as your sponsorship credit because you have been listed on the poster and advertisements.

5. If there are any changes such as you change locations, your hunt item location and hint changes, etc please let me know as soon as possible so I may send out a notice to let the hunters know. And please if you join the hunt and for some reason cannot meet the deadlines or make the hunt then please let me know so you can be removed from the hunt. I have a lot more respect for someone that has the courage to let me know so they can be removed than for someone who does not and wastes everyone's time.

6. You will receive a vendor package. In it you will get a updated sign along with a pre-made hunt item for you to put your gift in and a note card to fill out with your hunt hint and gift pic. Your gift is to be placed in the HUNT ITEM provided only. People look for these. You may also have decoys if you wish, but no more than 5.

7. Hunt gifts are to be creations that you have made, please do not use any freebies, business in a box, or any other crappy items. Also your gift must be something not used in previous hunts. You are welcome to sell your hunt item in your store (of course, you made it) but please do so after the hunt has ended.

8. All vendors MUST provide hunt hints!! If you have a hint giver at your store, please let us know so that can be noted on the hunt hint list so hunters know to look for it when they arrive at your location.

9. As a vendor, you do get one group notice per day during the hunt you are participating in to advertise for your store ONLY any sales, promotions, or new items that may be out. (Sponsors four notices per day) Notices are only to be sent out from your store during the hunts you are participating in. When there is not a hunt running, there should be no group notices coming from any vendors or sponsors as there isn't a hunt to be participating in. ALSO you are NOT to send out notices about anything other than items in your store!! (For example, if you have a clothing store, do not send out a message about horses for sale because you are trying to get rid of something you no longer want. If it is not in your store, dont send it out.)

10. Everyone, especially the creators love a good deal and sometimes you will see me send out a good deal I have found or a great MM board that needs to be locked. If you come across any of these full perm deals you MAY send out a notice for them, and I will NOT count it against your notices for your store however DO NOT go overboard. Only send it out once or twice. Don't blow the group up 100 times, or every 5 minutes.

11. If you are not already and wish to become a sponsor, you may upgrade at anytime before the deadline. Details are enclosed inside your welcome package and spots are on a first come first serve basis.

12. As always, please pay attention to group notices and if you ever have any questions feel free to contact myself or one of the group managers.